The Philosophers’ Ontological Party Club: It’s not a club in the way of membership dues and a meeting house, it‘s a way of agreeing to be in the world. Join your voice with others’ voices: Hear them, be heard and reconsider. It is laser hunting after the truth.

There is an Input and an Output. I have done the Input part: it is both visual and verbal. I start the conversation off with topical writing and artwork because at some point I realized that philosophy & art-making are really just conversation. You can visualize it like this:

Conversation, how? When we make art or when we do philosophy what we are doing is taking our own experience of the world and trying to give that to other people. We hand over this little bundle of experience, all packaged nicely and made to export, like a box right out of a factory, and we hope that others get it. They unwrap it, understand it, and appreciate it. In this giving over of that little package, the artist (and philosopher) hopes that others see into the mind of the maker. After they see, they empathize, and they think.

And so there’s the Output. Your thoughts are the goal of the POPc project.